Sunday, October 2, 2011

Skype Android installation problem

I had an old version of skype in my Dell Streak 5. When skype first launched the video call support for android, I was kinda excited and tried to install that immediately. But oops... installation failed saying
"insufficient storage available". 

What?? I thought I had too many pics / videos... but no.. plenty of space was available. I still tried to free up some more from device memory.

No luck! Then I googled it up and it appeared, I was not alone. Lots of ppl were having the same problem. Apparently the problem happens when someone tries to upgrade to skype newer version. And to fix that, some '' folder need to be removed from /data/data/ folder, which requires super user permission and you have to root your device.

 So far I never found a strong need to root my device. But now I got one :). But rooting experience was not so smooth. Just listing my attempts in case some one else is also trying to root dell streak

  • z4root temporary root did not work. (Yes, according to some forums, I took the battery off, rebooted and gave enough time)
  • z4root permanent root did not work.
  • Universal Androot did not work.
  • Finally GingerBreak worked just fine! (Thanks GingerBreak).
I had the unlocked Dell Streak 2.2.2.

And the instruction to remove that from /data/data folder actually resolved the problem. Skype finally got installed.

I was almost going to lean back on the couch and make some happy video calls, but skype ruined it again. It did not support front facing camera, not in android 2.2. Arrrrrgs!!!

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